Alaska's Inside Passage - Skagway

We begin our visit to Skagway aboard the White Pass Railway,
traveling from Skagway, AK, to Fraser, BC. The scenery was
spectacular, the train ride a lot of fun, and the weather perfect.

Our train ride ended in Fraser, BC; then we boarded a bus for the ride back to Skagway.

On the bus trip back to Skagway, the driver took this pic, cutting off part
of the sign. The bottom of the sign says, "and the Gateway to the Klondike".

This Skagway street probably hasn't changed much since the Alaskan gold rush.

Harley-Davidson thrives even in cold weather climates where the riding season is rather limited.

We visit a totem pole garden on another rain-free day!

Beautiful gardens such as this must be cultivated quickly as the season is short!
We now leave Skagway and head for glacier country. Please join us ...

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