Hawaii 2010 - The Big Island

Actually, only I went to the Big Island. Mary went home on Friday as
she had to go back to work on Monday. On the Big Island, near Hilo,
I participated in a major ham radio contesting event enjoyed by radio
amateurs all over the world. Our superb host for this event was Lloyd,
KH6LC, who welcomed eight other radio operators into his home to work
this contest. Lloyd, pictured in the middle below, seems to be saying
to his team, "If only I had three more antennas and six more people ...
we could win this thing!" But we did VERY well using Lloyd's superstation.
Pictured with Lloyd are fellow contesters Don, N6DA (left) and Alan, K0AV.

We get down to business ... er, I mean fun! ... at two of the four
radio stations that were put on the air for this contest from KH6LC.
Contesters Fred, KH7Y (foreground) and Rob, NH6V, start us off.

This is just part of the "antenna farm", as it's called, that makes
KH6LC such a booming voice throughout the world of ham radio.

It's time to meet the animal world at Lloyd's home. When things get
hectic and stressful during the radio contest, a little comic relief
goes a long way and always brings a smile to your face. Let's begin
by meeting Ricky and Lucy (remember that old TV show?), the Basset Hounds!

Missy, the cat, is a "beautiful, blue-eyed blonde" as the saying goes.

Introducing ... Ginger, the cockatoo! She eats her share of people food including nuts and toast, shown here.

Many wild birds come and go on Lloyd's property, including this Northern Cardinal.

Lloyd and Ginger work the contest from station #3 - an unbeatable team!

Ken, N6KB, and Lucy put station #4 to the test.

C'mon Lucy, lighten up a little, it's only a radio contest!
Let us see that big, toothy smile of yours!

The contest has now come to an end so ... it's party time!
We celebrate our success at setting a new world record
score for a station representing "Oceania" (Pacific area).

The KH6LC group poses for a picture with one of the radio
towers in the background. Do we look like a bunch of
geezers from the 1960's? I don't think it's just a coincidence ...

The party continues, this time with a back yard BBQ. I'm just
playing with the camera here, trying to see if I can take pictures
using only the light from the tiki torches. Hold still you guys!

It's a lot easier to get a good pic with tiki torch light
when the subject doesn't move at all ... like steak and potatoes.

Getting five people to hold still for a low-light picture is not so easy.

We didn't have much time for touristy things, but Don and I took the
rental car down to the lava fields on the southeastern coast of the
Big Island to have a look. Cold, hard lava is not especially photogenic
but I took a few shots anyway. It's amazing material, not seen at home!

Steam rises from a geothermal rift not far from where we're standing.

Ginger and I thank you for taking your valuable time to view our pix!

Thanks for viewing our Hawaiian holiday!

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