The following pictures were taken during the 1999 Iditarod Sled
Dog Race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. My wife, Mary, accompanied me
to Anchorage to take part in the festivities surrounding the start of
the race. While she was there, we took a flight through the Alaska range
to two checkpoints, Rohn Roadhouse and the village of McGrath. She returned
home after three days, after which I was sent out to the Trail to my first checkpoint,
the village of Nikolai. I provided communications via phones, FAX, and ham
radio for this checkpoint, as one of 2000 volunteers for the Iditarod.
My second week was spent at the village of Unalakleet, on the coast of Norton Sound.
These pictures are the digital documentation of my experiences this year.
I hope you enjoy them! Television coverage of the race will be shown on the USA
Network on April 6. My thanks goes to Dominic Scamporrino for setting up
this web site for me and getting me motivated to support it, and to Dave
Montgomery for providing the camera and the laptop PC that made it all
possible. I'd like to thank the Academy ... uh ... nevermind. I apologize
for the slow-loading pix, for those on dialups, but some of these pix are over 100K
in size due to an attempt to retain the quality while still trying to minimize
the file size.

Jim and Dee Dee Jonrowe at the Musher's Banquet in Anchorage on March 4, 1999.

My wife, Mary, musher Charlie Boulding, and Charlie's wife, Robin, at the Musher's
Banquet. Charlie gave me the dog we call "Ophir", in 1992.

The 1998 defending champion, Jeff King, with Mary at the Regal Alaskan
Hotel, which serves as headquarters while the race is underway.

Mary with Zuma, the husky that writes a column found on the Iditarod web page, www.iditarod.com.
Our thanks to Lois Harter, membership chairperson, webmaster, and assistant to Zuma (!), for her
hard work and dedication to the race.

As Mary and I flew up the Iditarod Trail, we could see Mt. McKinley (right),
highest peak in North America, and Mt. Foraker (left). Mt. McKinley (Denali)
was about 60 miles away from us in this picture.

This is Mary standing with Jasper Bond (left), the cabin master at
Rohn Roadhouse, and Barry Stanley, our pilot, on the air strip at Rohn.

Mary and I in front of the one-room log cabin that makes up
the checkpoint at Rohn Roadhouse.

We visited three-time Iditarod champion Martin Buser's home and dog kennel. The wheels
in the foreground are exercise wheels that the dogs use just to stay in shape when they are
not mushing. Mary asked Martin how many dogs he had in his kennel.
Martin's reply was: "Last night I had 90, this morning I have 95."
One of Martin's dogs had a litter of five puppies overnight.
Martin built this house himself, using skills
he developed while in Switzerland.

Martin Buser and Mary at Martin's home the day before the start of
Iditarod 1999.

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