This is the home of the "Adams family", both John and John Quincy. It's just outside
of Boston and has been carefully preserved, like most presidential private homes.

Mary stands in front of the Adams' personal library, containing thousands of
volumes in many languages. One wonders, how did they have time to do much
reading when they were busy running the country (and mowing all that lawn)?

How about a little Red Sox baseball?

This was my first trip to Fenway and Mary's second. This is one of the few remaining "old style", classic
ball parks in the country, where second-deck support poles often obstruct the fans' view of the action.

A fun aspect of these old parks, like this one and Wrigley Field in Chicago, is that they are in
neighborhoods with a lot of bars and local vendors within walking distance of the park. It makes for
a huge party before and after the game and the fans are ready to indulge whether the team wins or loses.

Now this is baseball ... munching on a dog outside the park with a local friend.
All we needed was a little motherhood and apple pie to round out the day!

The famous (infamous?) Green Monster in the outfield at Fenway Park. Never thought I'd see it in person.

... and now, back to some more presidential touring.

We are at the JFK Memorial Library in Boston. I've seen this seal a million times over
the years but I must say, I've never noticed that bear at the bottom of it before.

A very informative and thorough history of JFK's life, the various displays brought back
many of the memories in those of us old enough to remember when it all happened at the time.

This room is most likely the place where the recently deceased Edward M. Kennedy lay in repose.

On this year's vacation, we managed to visit the homes of, or memorials to, six US presidents.
That wasn't our intention when we started planning our trip, it just turned out that way.
One thing I learned is that the motivation, ambition, intellect, and skills of our early leaders
were much different than in our modern leaders. Jefferson was assigned the task of writing
the Declaration of Independence at the ripe old age of 33 - can you imagine some of our 20th
and 21st century presidents creating a document of that caliber, at any age? ... me neither.

Our visit to Boston would not be complete without a Maine lobster dinner!
Thanks for joining us on a pictorial tour of our trip to "the east".

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